Tune Into Your Body

proudP is an easy to use app that helps
you understand how your pee, prostate,
and bladder are performing.

Do you have a
hard time peeing?

Are you spending a longer time
in front of the toilet than you used to?

Do you feel the need to pee frequently? Especially at night?

Is it difficult to empty your bladder completely?

Does your urine feel weak?

A Proven Solution to identifying symptoms of BPH

It's Easy Peesy

Stand in front of the toilet, unzip,
and let the nature take its course.
Our app will take care of the rest.

It's Battle Tested

proudP uses technology validated in multiple clinical studies and internal lab tests. We analyzed over 35,000 cases of pee from 4,700 people.

Act Fast

Understanding your urinary symptoms means that you can fear less and act fast to seek professional care if needed, so you can get on with your life.

with proudP

Find a Quiet Spot and Stand in Front of the Toilet

Keep Your Phone 3 Feet Away. Point the Bottom of Your Phone Toward Toilet.

Make Sure to Aim for the Water (Not the Sides!)